Manuka Honey Products UK

Apitherapy by Manuka Doctor. Naturally healthy products, inspired by nature & originating from the hive.

Key ingredients include Manuka Honey & Purified Bee Venom.

Manuka Doctor is a functional product range delivering an experience stemming from the hive harnessing essential natural ingredients customising nature’s purity to provide unique formulations.

Manuka Doctor is a bee friendly harvested product range.

Manuka Doctor sources New Zealand grown & harvested Manuka honey along with other quality bee products including Purified Bee Venom from around the world, which are well known for their traditional wellbeing benefits.

Manuka Doctor range includes a skincare range & Manuka honey products.

At Manuka Doctor, they ensure that all their products have got all the nutrients intact. Visit their website for more information on their Manuka Honey Products UK and Purified Bee Venom Products.